Friends of Tudor Park and Pavilion

In the heart of barnet vale

Help us restore our community's lost jewel

Working together, we can refurbish and reopen the beautiful but dilapidated 1920s pavilion in Tudor Park and transform it into a community hub with a space for local groups to use, accessible toilets, and an affordable café for everyone to enjoy. 

Tudor Park is a wonderful place to relax, play sport, walk the dog, or simply sit and enjoy the gorgeous views. With a recently refurbished playground, it's great for families too. If it had toilets and somewhere to get a cup of tea, it would be perfect! So, let's bring the pavilion back to life and reinstate the heart of our community!

The History of the pavilion & park

In 1920,  Maws Pharmacy Supplies Ltd. – local manufacturers of healthcare instruments and major employers within the community – built the pavilion and created a sports ground for the health and wellbeing of their workforce. 


The Urban District Council of East Barnet bought the land in 1940 for £254, thanks to a grant from the National Playing Fields Association (now Fields in Trust); in return, the council covenanted that they would always maintain it as a sports ground. This makes Tudor Park one of the few parks and green spaces that are protected by Fields In Trust in perpetuity.

The pavilion was well used for 85 years by community groups, football and cricket teams, and for social events before it fell into disrepair in the 2000s.

We have already conducted consultations with other residents and know that there is a hunger to see this heritage building back in use, backed up by local council studies and funding.

What's next?

Reopening the pavilion will involve design and planning works, structural building works, refurbishment, and business planning. The building is owned by Barnet Council, who have agreed to the project in principle and will be contributing a significant sum towards its regeneration.


However, it is nowhere near enough to cover the costs: we are hoping to win funding, and greatly appreciate any donations or sponsorship. If you want to help us write funding applications, or could help with sponsorship, please contact us at:

The reopened pavilion will boost the local economy and generate employment.

Will you help us?

There are many things you could do to help:

  • Come along to our meetings to offer your skills or time
  • Donate to the cause
  • Like us on Facebook, sign up for our newsletter, and spread the word!


However you'd like to be involved, contact us at